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October 14, 2013
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:thumb124549126:Stamp - License To Steal by stop-tracing

͠ ̴ ͢ ̢ ̨ H͡iļl ̡Act ͜1
V͏s. ͠ ̨ ̵ ̶ ҉ ҉ ҉ ̢ ͟ ͟

Sonic found himself in a familiar place. Green Hill Zone, as he remembered it from his past. A force compelled him to move forward through this zone, and during his travels he encountered many a familiar foe and obstacle. Something was alas not right. It was almost as if a faint s̢͟t̢a̴t͞ìc̡̀ sound resonated within Sonic’s very skull, never leaving him, never letting him enjoy the serene sounds of South Island. He reached Eggman, ever ready with that familiar ball and chain weapon, and a battle as old as time itself began. After landing a few hits, Sonic was paralyzed when the s̢͟t̢a̴t͞ìc̡̀ din sharply rose in volume, sending him stumbling forward. He turned around and looked up, and it was at that point that the words sounded all around him:

P̜̈ͥ͋̀ͬ̒R͎̟͑̌ͭ̔ͫ̏Â͉̖̊̔́ͨ͛I̝̱̝̱ͅͅS̖̭̫ͩͯ̈̽̄̑E̹̞̹͗ͩͤ̂̋̚̚ ̙͍̱̳͓ͅȞ̑ͯIͭͨͭ̆M̹̣̯̯̙͆̅̽̋͌.͇̠̥̼̫̥̪̾͛

Do ́yo̸u̧ d̡a̡re t͠o cli̵c͟k ҉upón ͏the ͠im̶a̵ge͘ a͢nd d̡e̛l̨ìver̷ y̛ou͏r͜ pr͜a̸is̶e ͢unto Ḩim҉?

Production Notes:
- A special thanks to my sister, GuardianMobiusfor using her 3D modeling skills to help pose Sonic so that I could draw him more accurately. Well, Sonics. And still images isn't all she did.
- A special thanks to Kyu Sawamura as well, for the use of the music contained within this animation. Seeing as it was an original and copyrighted piece, I was very fortunate to have received the permission needed to include it here.
- All other credits are contained within the animation. Folks at Sonic Retro, specifically Cinossu, I hope I'm not overstepping my boundaries on this one, and if there is some issue, feel free to contact me.
- Oh, and sorry for the large file size on this one. It was a hassle trying to balance between quality and file size. If anyone knows of some super secret way to make 151 bitmaps not take up 18 MB in Flash, feel free to let me know.

- Now that it's been a good day or so, here's a tip for repeat viewings: Press "p" while in the music section to skip ahead a bit to the more intense sequence. Saves some time if you want to see that end part over and over.

View some splendid blind reactions here:………

That said,

P̫̥͚͍͔̉̈ͧ̑R͉ͧ̔̂̂A̟̥͂͛̋̓Ī͎̏̉̓̒S̰͇̼͕̏̑ͥ̉ͣE̞̦̭͔ͣ͋͌̋͊̿̅ ͙̲̑͌ͩͦH͕̥̪͗ͬI̊̐̌͆̚M̼̩̰̥ͫ̿.͉̰̞ͯ̓̀ͬ̾̅ͅ
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nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope. nope. I watched one review, and I am NEVER going to click this. it creepy. but, very good work!!!
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JaydenTheSp33d Featured By Owner 3 days ago  New member
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Omg!!! I love it!!! How did you put sonic.exe in?? It is really amazing!!
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Ok, so this was my first encounter with anything like this...... I must admit I laughed hysterically.
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